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 JDMCFNL 08092014

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PostSubject: JDMCFNL 08092014   Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:13 pm

these are the cars that i thought deserved pictures. Granted my J30 was basic but i wasnt revving or trying to look cool. The amount of basic cars in that show is unbelievable. Half of the cars were running replica rims on stock height and quality builds that suffered XXR-itis. Anyhow this is my take and make sure to post your views Alax. iphone5 quality

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The Baus

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PostSubject: Re: JDMCFNL 08092014   Tue Aug 12, 2014 11:41 am

My contribution

My boy Eric rockin that Top1 splitters.  Clap  I gotta catch up..

No more Super Advans  Sad 

The lovely AWD Celica

Rotiform brothers

Ginash's Hakosuka Skyline

Another awesome Celica with V-Pipes

Bagged Audi

janky but still lovin this S13 coupe

Slammed C-class

Another Hakosuka but in red

Turbo'd Beetle on Alphards

Gold wrapped C-class for sale

Levin gang

Genuine stock R34

Clean cut Civic coupe

I was diggin this slammed Z32

NIce 5-series but I wasn't feelin the hood so I just snapped this side

A gaggle of R35s

Corolla on Enkei Apaches

This lil guy was also there

Bagged Golf V

Aj's Summer 2014 look

Rad lookin 3-series

Clean cut Prelude with projectors

K-swapped CRX on Integra Type R wheels

I liked the way this GS was headed

Mark 2 Jetta on Corvette "sawblades"

Another bagged Golf V on VIP Modular VSX210

This ass hat was revving the shit out of his Grand Am.. trying to hit Vtec I guess

 I love you 

Tan interior but no sunroof?  scratch 

AW11 Supercharged on Kosei K1s

S13 hatch on Cerebrus

Team Nerp E36

Fred's FC

Hmmmm seems like a R1 of sorts, possibly R2

I adore this generation Celica

Ending this with a slammed 944

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JDMCFNL 08092014
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