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 Another Level 08162014

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The Baus

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PostSubject: Another Level 08162014   Sun Aug 17, 2014 2:31 am

Another Level this year wasn't so bad. In fact the amount of FD's and Is300s that showed up was amazing. Even though majority was stock but still a sight to see. My brother, Paulie, and his cousin was able to join me in this venture. Also guests such as Josi and chelsbo also made an appearance! Shocking!!! Anyway, on with the pics.

Of course, the awesome house music jammin at the show.

We started from the rear and worked our way toward the front. Some janky rides in the back except for a few such as this magnificent Evo 5 from Canada.

FD with a 2jz swap.

Sick Mark 3 Supra. I was really feelin this one.

TC with some painted carbon fiber pieces.

Bagged Jetta on 3SDM 0.06 wheels

Badass 1st gen Celica. Although the wheels can be better..

This MG Midget also need a better set of wheels..

Bagged Jetta on Schmidt VN-Line wheels.

A couple of lifted trucks were also in attendance. Such as this Wrangler flexing its suspension work.

Allen Castillo's FRS rockin the new vinyl

I like the color combo on this Genesis

Well executed GS300 on . I also like the headlight magnum clip conversion.

Battle ready STi on TE37 Super Laps

Kuro's 280z on SSR Mk3s

A clean Triumph TR6. I believe...

Same FD with Te37s from AutoMass last year. No significant changes but it caught Paul's attention for sure.

One of the cleanest Z32s that Chicago can offer.

Bagged STi

A drifter's E36 reppin the Nerp crew

Drag ready 1st gen Camaro

Project X's 350z on Vsxx wheels.

I'm really diggin the rear wing.

A bagged, ratty truck that definitely snapped my neck

Heavily modded Smart car

Black on black Mercedes SL

Just demonstrating how high some of the trucks there are lifted. My brother is 6'2.

A few more Mercs

A well done Audi TT

One of many FDs in attendance. Too bad for the Lambo doors he threw in

A track ready E38

Integra Type R with a clean and creative engine bay

A closer look of said engine bay

Another Jetta with 3SDM 0.06 wheels

C-class Merc on Schmidt VN-lines

G37 on some bronze and black faced meister s1s

And here's one with Paul's leg. Thank you senpai

ACR Viper

One of my favorite Continental. The 4th gen.

Bagged S8

SW20 Mr2. Still curious as to what motor they're lookin at..

Another well executed FD on Blitz Technospeed Z1

Fifth gen turbo Celica

Another badass 5th gen turbo Celica

Another silky black G37

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PostSubject: Re: Another Level 08162014   Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:05 am

time for some wack pictures and no captions


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Another Level 08162014
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