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 Gunman fails 3 times at Carjacking

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PostSubject: Gunman fails 3 times at Carjacking   Sat Dec 15, 2012 11:30 am


Words from jalopnik

Quote :
The suspect decided while he was at Target that he would like a nice new car. So he first approached a woman that was getting out of her car and ordered her to get back in. That's exactly what she did. She also then drove away which left the suspect high and dry.

He decided to try his luck again. He went to a second woman and ordered her back in the car. She locked the car and ran into the Target to report the crime. Strike dos.

So he finally went to a third woman and once again ordered she take the club off her wheel and give him the keys. She did just that. But she also disarmed the ignition. Then, somehow, he locked himself inside the car. I didn't think that was actually possible.

He broke the window and escaped. The suspect is still on the lam, but the crippling embarrassment of failing to steal three cars might just be punishment enough.

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Gunman fails 3 times at Carjacking
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