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 World of Wheels 03022013

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The Baus

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PostSubject: World of Wheels 03022013   Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:53 pm

Another year with the World of Wheels at the Stephenson Convention. The turn out wasn't as big as it was last year. The Tuner Galleria had plenty of the same cars of course but the other half as always, very interesting. Special guest. Junya cheers

We were greeted with a Batman presentation of the vehicles this man used

The color on this LeMans caught my eye

This massive ford pickup was converted into a 1350XLT.


Jim's future ride

Didn't catch the name of this car

Spotted this instantly for some reason. 'MERICA

of course a primered rat rod I love you

"Boom" edition Sonic

So this Roadrunner caught my eye because ROADRUNNER, I guess this particular vehicle was redone due to the Roadrunner in the rear wasn't painted on...still nice

LOWkota I love you ****choose this color Dino****

Another interesting car that I couldn't get the name of

When we made our way into the other section of the building we were greeted with this beast of a car Twisted Evil

Spotted this out in the back, centered, slammed, away from the crowd.

Couldn't get a real good pic of this due to people trying to watch what was going on across from it. I wish I can show you the detail put into this.

A custom Ford mini truck that definitely grabbed our attention

The interior of one of many ratty trucks

Parked in nearly the same spot last year

Ridin' high. even for Jessica

Big Boy on top of one of them

Split window and rusty

Now this is a slamwag

Now if you can look closely, a cokc bottle was used to catch radiator fluid

classic Winnetka TV delivery truck

Mean green AMC

Very Happy

Got a 'lac sittin this way

and a cutty sittn this way

Showin' the people yes it can climb over things

Another 'lac

Like I said earlier, the Tuner portion was very similar to last year's so I snapped the ones I really enjoyed like this Integra Type R

If only the wheels weren't fake

black on black

if only the owner painted his hood to match

probably the hottest Merc there

A very well executed Levin coupe

random shots

oh and the day didn't end there! It was also Luigi's 28th birthday. Celebrated at Rizzo's in Naperville

yup cheers

Happy Birthday Luigi sunny
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PostSubject: Re: World of Wheels 03022013   Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:22 am

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PostSubject: Re: World of Wheels 03022013   Sun Mar 17, 2013 11:28 am

Why is there dude on dude grinding? Lol

Either way I need a spilt window
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PostSubject: Re: World of Wheels 03022013   

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World of Wheels 03022013
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