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 FNL Saturdays Returns! *Saturday September 14*

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PostSubject: FNL Saturdays Returns! *Saturday September 14*   Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:36 pm

JdmChicago wrote:

Facebook Event page here:

FNL Saturdays returns on September 14, 2013! FNL has been a summer meet hosted by JDM Chicago over the last 5 years. It has consistently been the largest car gathering in the Chicagoland area and we are happy to partner with Arlington Toyota & Scion to continue this tradition.

Everyone is welcome and please be respectful at the event.

If you're on instagram, tag #jdmchicago for live pics @ the meet! FNL Meet RULES:

1. No reckless behavior PERIOD. This means no donuts/drifting/speeding through parking lots of our meet locations. Doing such things brings not only a bad image on yourself but the rest of the people attending the meet and the community.

2. No engine revving. The venue is close to private residences, and we should be respectful to this.

3. No alcohol.

4. No bootleg booths or selling of any merchandise.

5. The meet ends at 10pm. Do not linger!

6. No loitering around meet entrance or encouraging drivers to burn out.

If you do not like the rules,do not attend.

Failure to comply to the rules above will result in a PERMANENT ban from our events. You do not want to get on our blacklist!
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FNL Saturdays Returns! *Saturday September 14*
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