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 Auto Show 02172014

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The Baus

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PostSubject: Auto Show 02172014   Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:44 am

I couldn't wait for this day. Mainly because the Toyota Ft-One concept was there. Still the drive to McCormick and back was retarded due to mass amounts of snow. Chicago was hit hard. Other than that, a more enjoyable year in comparison to last year. Better cars were featured.

Started with Lexus and of course the infamous LFA

Paulie and Patrick feelin the ISF

The new RCF? that was something i was diggin'

We migrated to BMW next, witnessed their all electric I-series

Jessica is diggin the new M2?

It's weird seeing BMW coming up with more even numbers now in their line up, the 2 is nice but still like the 1 series more.

After BMW onward to Jaguar. The F-Type caught our attention for a min

Of course, spotted the new Viper SRT

Awesome LeMans Viper being awesome

We walked around and around, nothing else was interesting. I thought a pic of a Veyron is needed

We made our way to Chevrolet after and witnessed the upcoming ZO6

The Camaros were cool, I was the only one who had a slight interest in them.

We migrated around and finally went across to see Toyota. I did notice they tryin to be about "Not Boring" and even had the car cleaning people start jamming out. Anyway, FT-One!!

One thing Paul pointed out, the fans...  Evil or Very Mad 

Dat hood doe

Toyota's concept the I-ROAD

Apparently a two seater

Jet-Fighter style

Another off the wall thing Toyota brought out

Made our way to Nissan, found more on the Nismo line such as the new Skyline also this Juke

I caught the Thais lookin at the 370Z

Fiat was close. the Abarth was open. Paul felt tempted.

A lot was not pictured, we went through Jeep, checked out what could have been Paul's Wrangler, blew past Mopar's booth, walked through Subaru, saw Styles, Roman and Dj Flipside, went to the upper cafe just to lose the appetite... $8 for a fucking small salad... walked through Mazda. I don't know why I didn't take a pic of the Skyactive Prototype race car..

We did go to Mitsubishi and of course a sad line up. I guess the only difference is the Mirage hatch which is similar to the Mazda 2, except the Mazda feels better in my opinion whereas the Mirage has a cheap feeling. Also this awesome Evo

After Mitsubishi we started heading to the exit. Walked through Volkswagen and saw this awesome Beetle before we made our exit.
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PostSubject: Re: Auto Show 02172014   Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:30 pm

paul secretly wants a z
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PostSubject: Re: Auto Show 02172014   Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:48 am

More photos! Enjoy! =^-^=

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PostSubject: Re: Auto Show 02172014   Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:08 pm

^actually your pictures reminded me of something. Did anybody else find it odd that Subaru brought the old wrx and displayed it right next to the brand new sti? I thought they're ending production of the hatches.
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PostSubject: Re: Auto Show 02172014   

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Auto Show 02172014
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