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 World of Wheels/Tuner Galleria 03012014

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PostSubject: World of Wheels/Tuner Galleria 03012014   Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:33 am

First show of the year and very enjoyable this year. There were a few cars that showed up that never changed from last year but plenty of new cars and additions. The weather was a little harsh but Jessica and I managed to get through. Anyway, on with the pictures!

Upon entering the World of Wheels portion, you'll notice a lot of cars on stands showing off all parts of the car. Totally modded vehicles. Some of which I can't name. For example:

modded inside and out

We walked around, passed up the Mustang guys and ran into the Dodge crew. Spotted this pretty purple "Cuda

Right across those guys was a dealership. They displayed cars that they feel appealed to the crowd. For instance this Challenger kitted out

We wandered past the rims and ridiculous 30+ in rimmed cars and ran into this classic Nascar.

In front was a demolition car. A Cadillac of sorts

The purple caught my eye from a distance.

A wonderfully restored Studebaker pickup

Someone or someones went ape on this Camaro

The specs to this monster

A horrible shot of a modernized classic 500

Unappreciated cars such as this Chrysler Cordoba I go nuts for.

We entered the classic "ratty" rides and Voodoo King came through hard once again.

Green with envy Edsel

This truck was on display last year, but still pretty badass to see. New add on is them pipes

Dat low life

Afterwards, we wandered into the bike section. This hybrid was pretty interesting

Sometimes, I wish I hadn't let go of the Yamaha

There were a bunch of these cray modded Harleys

Imagine rollin up on this dressed in all white

After the bikes were the other modded cars, such as lowriders like this classic lowrider

I love the Bears theme on the Grand Marquis

Another unappreciated car. The Merkur XR4Ti

Now on to the "Tuner" portion of the show. Shockwave of course was there, always displayed on the left side. There were a few new faces and some old ones of course. They did NOT disappoint this year.

A 350Z with some Rezax

Love the bay off this DA

The owner was creative with the black and creme colors

This Civic was at the Stance Nation show last year, no real changes but still damn hot

Haven't seen an Eclipse since the early Hot Import Nights shows also this guy executed the car nicely

I couldn't snap a good shot of this 190E.

Someone decided to roll up in a Ferrari FF

One of my favorite FRS out there.

 I love you 

These Work Equip 05's are a lil too big for this IS300

I love the shade of grey used

Couldn't get a really good shot of this but yea, a forever noob driver

I know it's a stock Skyline but I still love how it looks in person

I don't know if it's a rep or not

Dat turning radius

Beautiful M3

I love the grey used on this 5

Thanks for lookin. Jessica took some pics which I'll post up eventually.
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World of Wheels/Tuner Galleria 03012014
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